Postcard from New York

With love* from New York City.

*Love might not be the right word...

Send yourself, your friends, your enemies, or a perfect stranger a hand written post card angrily crafted by a real live New Yorker.


Hand written
New York indignation.

Maybe you got yelled at for walking too slow (you deserved it).  Maybe you paid $50 to "skip the line" at the Empire State Building to find out there are many more lines than the one you skipped (come on, man).  Maybe you found out the hard way why that empty subway car was empty (sorry about that one, that happens to us all)?  Either way, the best part of remembering New York is usually the worst part of being here.  

Postcard from New York is here to help.  Our team of salty, jaded New Yorkers will hand write you a post card letting you know exactly how they feel about you and your lasting impact on our city.


What they're saying abut Postcard from New York

"Hands down the most important website on the internet."

Amanda - Los Angeles, CA

"Reflecting on my trip to New York, I felt empty inside.  Then my Postcard from New York showed up and it made me feel even worse."

Bill - Skokie, IL

"My god, people will literally buy anything won't they?"

Brandon - New York, NY

"Fuck you, give me a dollar."

Panhandler - Corner of 36th & 11th

How it works

Step 1 - Cut a hole in a box.
Wait, sorry, wrong steps...

1 - We pick the perfect grizzly New Yorker for you.

2 - Your New Yorker lights a candle to get in the mood.

3 - Your New Yorker writes you or your loved one a heartfelt message in the true voice of New York.

4- Your New Yorker takes your Postcard from New York to a real life, honest to god brick and mortar post office in New York City and mails it.

5 - Your Post Card from New York arrives.



Just so there are no suprises.