Wait, what does this website do?

Seriously?  Did you not read the rest of the site?  Is our attempt at a clever wit riddled site that big of a fail?  Yeah, I guess it might be...  In plain English; we buy a New York themed post card, write something borderline nasty on it, and mail it to you or someone you want us to mail it to.  That's it.

Are they funny?

Yep.  Well sometimes...sometimes they make absolutely no sense.  But they're from New York for whatever that's worth.

Where can I have a Postcard from New York sent?

Anywhere in the US.

What about outside the US?

No.  See above where we answered where you can have a Postcard from New York sent.  See how it says "Anywhere in the US." and then doesn't say anything else?  Got it now? 

I want a Postcard from San Francisco, can you guys do that for me?

No.  If you want a postcard from San Francisco, we suggest you go visit San Francisco and mail one yourself.  That's what we would do anyway.  Same goes for Chicago or Miami or Lincoln, NE.  Get out of your comfort zone and visit somewhere new for Pete's sake.

Tell me about these New Yorkers you have writing the Postcards from New York?

They live in New York and the need work bad enough to think up something clever and borderline offensive and then hand write a post card for you, a stranger, and mail it.  Think about what kind of person we can hire for the difference between what it costs to actually buy a post card and a stamp and what you're paying for that plus the service provided.  That's what kind of people our New Yorkers are.

How long does it take for my Postcard from New York to show up?

Somewhere between a few days and a couple of weeks.  We get it mailed within two business days of when you order it, it will show up when it shows up.  While we're on the subject let's pause and think about the fact that postcard stamp costs 34 cents.  For 34 cents one can put a piece of cardboard in a hole in a wall at a building in New York City and be reasonably well assured that that piece of cardboard will turn up in Ding Dong, TX or  Mormon Bar, CA or Flippen, GA inside of a week (all real places, you're welcome for the talking points at your next cocktail party).  Let's give it up to the US Postal Service for a minute (while pausing to fully understand why they're bankrupt).

What if my Postcard from New York doesn't show up?

That's a really good question.

So, this didn't really answer any of my questions at all?

Yeah, so that's not a question - it's a statement with a question mark at the end of it.  We have people who think they're smarter than everyone else here in New York too - they're generally visiting from New Jersey.

OK, so how do I get my additional questions answered?

Email us at stupidquestion@postcardsfromnewyork.com - we'll probably get back to you (probably not).